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Kids Program




Until further notice we’ve had to cancel our Sunday Kids Events due to the German government’s decision to continue the contact-avoidance & distancing policy as a pandemic control measure. As soon as the lockdown has been lifted again, we will continue with the programs as shown below!

An alternative, contact-free outdoor program, mainly for families, will be coming soon! 

Information about this and any other events and offers will be announced here on this website. 

Shall we keep you informed and send you updates? If you’d like to know right away, whenever we’ve got some news, then you are most welcome to sign up for our newsletter (see below in the footer)! 

On one Sunday per month, we meet outdoors for an afternoon of games, challenges, crafts, stories, songs and fun! Come and join us!


TreeFree Valentines – We’ll begin with a Scavenger Hunt! Who can find all the clues and solve the riddle? The we’ll MAKE PAPER! First we’ll recycle some old paper by hand and make new paper. Then try some other materials to make our TreeFree Paper Valentines!


By Feathered Engineers: Bird Nests! Just as winter comes to an end, the animals are preparing for new beginnings. Birds are building their nests in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes in very unexpected places. They make it look so easy! – Can you make one?


Oh Deer! Let’s make our own ornaments and jewelry! First, we start with an action game. Then, with antlers, horns, shells, bones, stones, leather, wood and many other natural materials, we can decorate our rooms or ourselves with beautiful ornaments made in our Natural Jewelry Workshop!


The Hungry Bee & Flowers from the Inside Out. In this program, we’ll start with a story, act out the roles and find the “Inside Story” on why bees love flowers (and why flowers love bees)! Finally, we’ll taste different kinds of honey and see if we can tell where they came from!


Frogs & Toads – How well do you know these slippery animals? Let’s meet a few and learn from them! While we’re at the water, we’ll make and test out our mini boats to see how well they float! 




Butterfly Wishes – Legend tells us, we can whisper our wishes to a butterlfy and they will then be delivered to heaven. But first we must know how to catch a butterfly safely without hurting it. Come and find out how! Then you can make your own butterfly net!




Felting with Sheep’s Wool – Have you ever had cold feet or hands in winter? Learn to felt your own feet- or hand-warmers! Or, you can make your own bag! With old-fashioned soap, hot water and lots of rubbing, you can create with wool whatever you can imagine! 


No Match For This Campfire Cooking! Who can make fire without a match or lighter? We’ll test out 3 or 4 different ways and see which fire-making methods work best to get us baking (some delicious stickbread!) over our campfire!


What do you do to get ready for winter? Can you imagine flying over a thousand miles twice a year? Listen to How Turtle Flew South For The Winter, and play a fast-action game to find out why Turtle and many other animals have these Migration Headaches!


The Candleberry Elf – It was just beginning to get icy cold, the nights were growing very long, and candles becoming most important, when the Candleberry Elf noticed that something was wrong at his neighbor’s house… Come, here the story and find out what he did, and then make your own beeswax candle!


Life Skills

Also in every CoyoteChild program, participating children will learn valuable Life Skills.

In every monthly program, we build important skills such as self-confidence, teamwork, listening and speaking. In some programs, we learn to identify living things like plants and animals, or we learn to “read” the landscape. We learn more about weather and basic survival, how to find what we need, and how to recognize whether something is edible or poisonous. And we use lots of tools to make lots of things with our own hands!


English Skills

Each CoyoteChild program is full of meaningful language that is both easy to understand and easy to remember.

At the end of every monthly session, participating children will be given a list of words and phrases and some practice pages to use to help them internalize the newly learned language. Studies have proven that new language skills, just like music and sports, are learned best through actively using the language, repetition and practice. At the beginning of every monthly session, those who were at the previous session will always have a chance to use what they learned the month before.

What to Bring

ALL of our programs take place OUTDOORS!

So, come dressed for the weather, whatever it may be, and we’ll adapt our activities according the to conditions of the day. Participants must do the same.

Very useful things to bring to every kids program: 

  • A notebook
  • and/or a camera
  • A small backpack, packed with a light-weight change of clothes, drink bottle, small snack and room for the rest, so you can keep your hands free!

If there’s anything else that you’ll need to have for any given program, we’ll always let you know in advance!

Camera & Notebook
Camera & Notebook
Hat & Gloves
Hat & Gloves
Rain Jacket
Rain Jacket
Sturdy Shoes
Sturdy Shoes
Sunglasses & Sunblock
Sunglasses & Sunblock
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Once a month not enough?

If you and your child like our monthly program, you’ll love our Camps!

Coming again soon! Our Camp programs, Camp Coyote and Camp Kjoonik (for girls), are for kids and teens ages 9 to 16 who love being in nature and want to learn, use and improve both English and Life Skills. All camps run for a week at a time, during school breaks. Some camps are day programs from Monday to Friday, other camps run from Sunday to Saturday and have overnight accommodations and round-the-clock supervision. In all of our camps, English is our language of instruction, and programs are led by a qualified, international staff.

  • Summer Day Camps in Stornfels
  • Summer Camps in Greifenstein, Overnight
  • Autumn Day Camps in Stornfels
  • Autumn Camps in Greifenstein, Overnight